Bringing Baby Home

A Program for New Parents Experiencing the Transition to Parenthood

When Baby Arrives, Everything Changes!

This program, based on decades of couples’ research by the Gottman Institute, will help you successfully transition to parenthood. This evidence-based program is an investment in long-term relationship satisfaction.

Strengthen Your Relationship for Lasting Family Happiness

Bringing Baby Home material is offered in 6 one-hour sessions for couples to help them successfully navigate the transition to parenthood and beyond.

Topics include how to:

• prepare for the transition to parenthood
• strengthen and maintain your friendship with your partner
• manage stress and understand that stress is normal when a baby arrives
• parent together
• resolve conflict: what happens when couples fight?
• focus on fathers—keeping dads involved
• develop values, rituals and shared meaning for the whole family

Strengthen your relationship so your child can thrive emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically.

This program is most beneficial during pregnancy, but can be taken anytime after your baby is born. Babies up to 12 weeks are welcome to attend sessions. For further information or questions call (651) 226-4704 or email Dr. Jeanette at

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Jeanette Truchsess is a Gottman Certified Educator, Licensed Psychologist and RN with a PhD in Family Social Science. Dr. Jeanette has been a therapist in private practice for 25 years. She taught Domar’s Mind/Body Program for Fertility for 10 years.

Dr. Jeanette is passionate about helping people become parents and enjoy long-lasting healthy family relationships.

I am so glad I took the mind/body class. It has truly made a difference in how I have looked at things this time, and the group of friends I have now is also priceless! Thanks also for your support.
– B.C.

There are no words to describe how grateful we are to have met and worked with you. You helped me SOOOO much individually and our marriage. The friendships I have from your group are the most amazing friendships I have ever had. We feel so very blessed. It was a long and very painful 5 years and I will forever carry the pain but becoming a mommy has made all my dreams come true. Thanks for ALL you do!
– C.C.

The Mind/Body class was a true turning point for me on the long road to becoming a parent. It was by far the most important thing I did during our struggle with infertility. I can’t thank you enough for offering this program! I recommend it to everyone I meet who is also struggling with building a family.
– D. H.

This class and the sessions with you have been a breath of fresh air and a blessing in disguise for me. It did teach me how to deal with my fears of fertility and I do see significant change in my outlook towards life in general. I met these wonderful women with great personalities who have compassion for the others in spite of their own struggles.

You have been an excellent mentor to me and I wish more women who are going through these struggles get a mentor like you.
– P.K.

I am so glad that my husband and I were in this class and met these amazing women! What a great support group and ALL of our lives will be different in 1 year! I will keep in touch.
– M. H.